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What needs to be done?

Established in 1991 as non governmental social organisation (NGO), SAGUN, a search for harmony, has been registered with Government of Nepal affiliated with Social Welfare Council and NGO Federation of Nepal. SAGUN  believes that poverty, injustice and associated discrimination, and environmental degradation stems from disharmonious relationship between human beings and inadequate policies to address them. Regarding this, SAGUN is working to secure the rights of indigenous people and socially excluded groups and promote a development approach that strengths inclusion, cooperation, and harmony between communities.

Our Mission

To promote innovation in programs, policies, institutions, and capacities that support mainstream indigenous people, poor, and socially excluded by protecting and promoting their rights.

Our Vision

A society where solidarity and respect for diversity coexist.

Our Objective

  1. To strength grassroots institutions of the communities for sustainable livelihood and continuous social actions based on self-help principles.
  2. To promote rights of the indigenous people and socially excluded groups to education, health care, employment, and natural resource including their rights to self development and participation.
  3. To document knowledge and information on the social and cultural situation of the target groups through participatory research and disseminate the same.
  4. to advocate for positive social changes and policy reforms to protect the rights of the marginalised groups through publication, training, and lobbying.

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